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The largest producer of Fine Art and Craft educational resources with over 5,000 videos

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We Inspire

Our team of makers and crafters know what it takes to create addicting content because they make what they love. We are passionate about sharing and inspiring our craft with others – if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be here.

We craft instructional videos across Interweave, Artists Network, Quilting Daily, and Sew Daily for the sole purpose of helping you stay inspired.

We Educate

Made by makers, for makers our instructional content aims to inspire and educate. Our video workshops teach artists and crafters new skills that build their confidence while our podcasts update listeners with the latest trends in their craft.

Between our four communities, we have over 5,000 videos. From fine art tutorials to quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, beading and jewelry workshops there’s something new for every enthusiast to learn.

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We Connect

We’re creative and we know it. We use it to connect our marketing partners to their ideal audience with custom advertising services all created in-house.

Our brands reach over 8.1 million enthusiasts and so can you!

We Create

We love what we do and we love making it happen. Our goal is to encourage every artist and enthusiast to take their skills from good to great with the inspiration and instruction we provide them.

Our highly creative team is on hand to help you create the content you need to inspire your community. Learn what Golden Peak Media can make for you!

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